Hangzhou Lin'an KangHong precision technology co, LTD.Is located in the beautful scenery in the tourist resort area of hangzhou Lin'an chicken blood town, the main medical equipment accessories,precision instrument cutting parts, auto parts, electromagnet accessories, electronic components and other precision metal processing, etc. The company has more than 60 employees, the technician has been engaged in the industry since 1999, has 20 years of processing eperience, the compary has a strong tedhnical foroe.

Do you know the common protective measures for Sichuan landscape stone?

Wet pasting natural stone walls and floors during the construction process, the Sichuan landscape stone slabs will appear like "watermarks" patches. As the pasted mortar hardens and dries, the "wat...

What are the most sought-after advantages of Sichuan granite?

Granite is hard, and the processes of sawing, grinding, polishing and cutting are easy to obtain high surface roughness and precision. The processing equipment of granite is relatively simple, the ...

New inorganic artificial stone-creating a green and ecological architectural space aesthetics

In recent years, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s exquisite expositions on ecological and environmental protection have been endless, and the attention of all sectors of society to the construction o...