New inorganic artificial stone-creating a green and ecological architectural space aesthetics

In recent years, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s exquisite expositions on ecological and environmental protection have been endless, and the attention of all sectors of society to the construction o...

What are the most sought-after advantages of Sichuan granite?

Granite is hard, and the processes of sawing, grinding, polishing and cutting are easy to obtain high surface roughness and precision. The processing equipment of granite is relatively simple, the ...

Do you know the common protective measures for Sichuan landscape stone?

Wet pasting natural stone walls and floors during the construction process, the Sichuan landscape stone slabs will appear like "watermarks" patches. As the pasted mortar hardens and dries, the "wat...

How to store galvanized sheet aluminum-zinc products?

It should be kept indoors. The storage area should be ventilated and free of corrosive gas. It should not be placed in a place prone to condensation and large temperature differences. Avoid stackin...

The bathroom layout and waterproofing are not right, it is really hard to move

The bathroom is a very frequently used space at home. According to statistics, people spend 5 years in the bathroom in their lives. If the decoration is not done in this small space with such a hig...

Create a smart and comfortable bathroom space, starting from Yuba

After the baby was born, my husband and I gritted our teeth and changed to a three-bedroom apartment, which was just renovated some time ago. According to my experience during this period of time, ...

What issues should be paid attention to when choosing a square tube

The square tube is a square steel tube, as the name suggests. It is a common material in the industrial construction industry. From the current development, not only the demand for the square tube ...

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