New inorganic artificial stone-creating a green and ecological architectural space aesthetics

2021-11-02 11:59

In recent years, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s exquisite expositions on ecological and environmental protection have been endless, and the attention of all sectors of society to the construction of a green ecological environment has only increased.

"Green water and green mountains are golden and silver mountains"

"To protect the ecological environment is to protect productivity, and to improve the ecological environment is to develop productivity"


The concept of green ecological architecture was born from this, taking people-oriented and sustainable development as the central idea, the harmonious unity of man, architecture and nature as the goal, using modern science and technology to design comfortable and beautiful architectural space for human beings, and build a green ecology system. Therefore, in order to coexist harmoniously between human and natural ecology, it will play a vital role in the design of internal and external space and the use of material energy.

In the design of building space, building materials are the foundation, and stone is one of the materials used early. It is worth noting that the excessive pursuit of economic benefits by enterprises, weak awareness of environmental protection, and regulatory loopholes have led to a large amount of waste of resources during mining and stone processing. Waste and sewage seriously damage the environment, restricting the development of the entire construction industry. Inorganic artificial stone with excellent performance and durability will be the best choice for architectural design, and its quality and performance are better than natural stone.

CIMC Lvjian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has joined hands with Yunfu Haoye Material Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly develop with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, South China Institute of Technology and many other scientific research units, and successfully developed a new type of inorganic artificial stone product-Blue Printed Canvas (high-end customization). Water painting stone (standard product).

The water-painted stone is made of selected quartz sand aggregate, polymer cement and inorganic pigments as raw materials, and is made by a unique ratio and processing. It breaks through the shortcomings of traditional organic resin materials. It is pure inorganic, and the texture can be customized. The rough effect is daily Long-lasting, green production and use.

As an inorganic artificial stone, the water-painted stone produced by CIMC Lvjian stands out among many stone materials due to its excellent performance:

1. Fire and high temperature resistance

The fireproof rating of water-painted stone has reached A1 level in the "Classification of Building Materials and Products' Combustion Performance".

2. Environmental protection, non-toxic

Water-painted stone comprehensively utilizes mine tailings resources, while being environmentally friendly, it also ensures that the product is non-toxic and does not produce toxic fumes under high temperatures. It is an environmentally friendly building material for building a green ecological building space.

3. Compression and wear resistance

The Mohs hardness of the water-painted stone can reach 4-5 grades, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor building walls, suspended ceilings, and floors.

4. The color is stable and diverse, not easy to change color, and has the same life span as the building

The water-painted stone removes the active metal minerals and adds inorganic pigments to make the color stable and uniform, and the surface does not change color and is mold-free. Compared with natural stone, the color difference of water-painted stone is controllable, and the color texture can be customized to ensure the texture and effect while designing unique styles.